20 Jahre MEDEA e.V.
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20 Jahre MEDEA e.V.
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20 Jahre MEDEA e.V.
Fairer Handel für Nachhaltige Verbesserung der Lebenssituation
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Life is a Human Right

We, who are now working to further the idea of MEDEA, were won over by the inspiring, authentic reports from Gertrud Langensiepen.

Her work and her engagement in Swaziland in the field, and her inimitable closeness to the inhabitants, help the MEDEA Organisation, authentically and effectively, to achieve an excellent and based aid programme. Our work receives invaluable support from our Members, Sponsors, Donators and a Foundation to help us to accomplish our aims.

Our work is primarily based on collaboration with experienced on-the-spot helpers who are able to speak the language and who are conversant with the culture and the country’s political situation. Our local partners such as schools, hospitals, communities, registered Non-Governmental Organisations and powerful Women’s Groups are all working closely together with us. They all share the responsibility for the successful completion of the projects. MEDEA’s focal point is the children and the AIDS orphans. They are, as everywhere else in the world, the “Future” of their country. It is necessary, to give strength to these children and their rights, co-determination for equal opportunities for both sexes, as well as getting rid of the traditional oppression, particularly of the young women, so that they can experience their rightful potential as children, and consequently determine their own development.

The problem of child poverty and child labour is getting worse with alarming rapidity throughout the whole country, solely due to the many different social, cultural and political situations, but mainly because the working generation is doomed to die out due to the pandemic HIV/ AIDS.

We have a long and difficult journey before us, but the time-consuming effort is proving to be more than worthwhile. The trust and the hope of the children are great.